Retrofit Films

We are committed to our clients' artistic vision.

We are committed to passionate creators.

We are committed to elevating diverse voices.

Retrofit Films formed in the early 2000s in a garage when the founders were too young to know what they were getting themselves into. In our early ‘scrappy’ days, we served as the concept creator, executor, and often distributor for our content. We’ve carried these same values and early practices across the trends of the past decade. Now proudly the longest lasting digital production company in Los Angeles, Retrofit still serves as a definitive turn-key solution for our forward-thinking clients and partners.

As ‘digital natives’, we love to build from scratch, reinvent the wheel, and improve on antiquated models to bring life to our work.

The convergence we predicted so many years ago has come to fruition and the delineation between ‘digital’ and ‘traditional’ is all but gone. The engagement is not only real but in real-time. The flux is persistent and every day brings a new challenge. But that is exactly what has us here, every day, excited to take it on.

The revolution is far from over, and whether it’s a major broadcast commercial, feature-length film or series, branded or short-form content, we continue to evolve, to push the envelope, to Retrofit.

We are the company we keep